Guatemala City | San Juan Comalapa | Antigua

July 2014: Phase One - Four artists from La MaMa worked for three weeks with partners in Guatemala City (a dance company from Artes Landivar and the experimental street theater Caja Ludica) and San Juan de Comalapa (Ix Saq’il I’k, a Maya women’s theater collective) to explore material and themes of The Trojan Women, and to exchange elements of traditional culture and music.

June 2015: Phase Two - Following a five week collaboration period involving physical and musical workshops and rehearsal, the Guatemalan company of artists from the Capital, Kaqchikel and Mam communities performed The Trojan Women at a community center in Comalapa, a sixteenth century convent in Antigua, and at Paraninfo Universitario in Guatemala City.

November 2016: Phase Three - Company members from Ix Saq’il I’k created a new theater piece inspired in part by Trojan Women Project methodology, which was presented at Festival Ruk’u’x in Solola.

June 2017:  Phase Three - Company members from Guatemala City presented a production of Las Troyanas based on the La MaMa production at the Festival de Junio, Centro Cultural.