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The function of theater for centuries has been to find common ground and a shared sense of humanity in order to create a better world.  The Trojan Women Project continues the work of La MaMa’s founder Ellen Stewart, who believed that live performance can and should give access to a deeper connection between individuals and between communities.

The Trojan Women Project, using a combination of workshops, rehearsals, presentations, community dialogue and outreach, is unique.  

  • Phase One - a 2-3 week encounter with the Project team to share a specific, non-traditional approach to performance, and elements of La MaMa’s Trojan Women - music, movement, story - with a group of participants that reflects the cultural and social diversity of the area.

  • Phase Two - a 5-6 week period of rehearsal and exploration leading to public performances and dialogue.  Elements of the group’s personal and cultural connections to the material are incorporated into the production.

  • Phase Three - following the departure of the La MaMa team at the end of Phase Two, participants are encouraged to use this piece and this approach to theater-making to enhance and develop their own work.

  • Phase Four - ongoing development of cross-cultural networks, on personal, local, national and international levels, with artists and communities who have participated in the Trojan Women Project.